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Tip #51: Get insurance

Insurance for health, your car, your home, and for liability can help you avoid the huge legal and medical bills that can occur from an accident or sudden problem.  For a small monthly fee, you are covered against unexpected events that can drain your finances and leave you with out-of control debt. 

Tip #52: Get a prenuptial agreement and have a lawyer go over all your business contracts

Most bankruptcies are caused by the fallout that occurs as a result of business failures, law suits, health costs, and divorces.  Getting a prenuptial agreement helps to ensure that a divorce will not adversely affect your finances and lead to a ruined credit rating (keeping accounts separate while married is also a good idea, as your spouse’s own financial troubles can all too easily become your own).  Having a lawyers look over contracts can at least reduce the risks of unfavorable agreements that can put you at a disadvantage in business.

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