Your FREE Guide to Improve Your Credit Score



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Tip #39: Get a good team on your side to help you with your credit score

A good team of professionals can help you get your credit score back in shape.  Your most important member of your team is yourself - you are the one with the financial agency and (with this ebook) the knowledge to become your own best advocate in credit repair.  Besides this, you may want to check with your local library for financial help books.  You may also want to include financial experts such as credit counselors or others to help you.  If you decide to seek a team of experts to help, be sure that you check each person’s credential, standing with the Better Business Bureau, and past clients to make sure that the person or company can really help you.  Beyond this, make sure that you sign a contract or agreement with each professional member of your team.

Tip #40: Your bank has good and reliable credit information

One free and professional source of credit information is your bank.  Your banking officer may be able to offer you a great deal of professional, free advice, especially as banks are trying harder and harder to provide good personal services to customers. 

Your bank may also have a number of credit solutions - such as overdraft protection - that can help you keep your credit in good repair. Banks are realizing more and more that many of their clients are dealing with less than ideal credit.  Banks are trying to meet the demands of this new group and can actually be a powerful ally for those who are trying to improve their credit.


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