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Tip #59: Keep your records up to date

Not knowing what is going on in your own financial life is courting disaster.  Keep one file folder in your home which contains your financial information - and review this periodically.  If something changes in your life - you get married, you start a family, you move or change jobs, look through your financial folder and contact everyone who needs to be contacted to update them on the change.  This will help make sure that all your creditors have the information they need about you. Keeping your own records up to date will help you make sure that everyone who handles your finances is also up-to-date.

Tip #60: Always be sure that your creditors know your current address

If you move and forget to inform all your creditors of your new address, you may not get all your bills, making you look like a deadbeat debtor and making your credit score plummet.  Make sure that you either close your credit accounts or get your new address and contact information to your creditors.

When you move, make sure that you inform credit card companies, stores you have credit cards with, banks, credit unions, and anyone else you do financial business with.  Better yet, also arrange with the post office to have your mail automatically forwarded to you at your new address. This will ensure that any creditors you may have overlooked will still be able to contact you - and you will have a second chance to remind them of your address change.

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